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What you need to know

Eligibility & Information 

This event is open to both 7C students and alumni. This year we'll accept 10 startup teams to pitch.

Prizes: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams receive cash prizes and a guaranteed one-on-one session with at least one of the Venture Capital firms Contrary, Crescent Fund, and Tech Coast Angels. If they like your idea, they're willing to invest up to $40k.

All you have to do is 

Apply with a business/business idea by March 27, 2024 at 11:59pm PST, and

pitch on Pomona College's campus on April 27, 2024 


Application Timeline:

February 16: Rolling Applications open 

March 27-April 5: Interviews

April 8: Final 10 pitching teams announced

April 9-April 27: Preparation

April 27: SageTank, Pomona College

Your Business / Business Idea:

Our mission is to foster entrepreneurship among the Claremont community. Thus we welcome applicants at the earliest stages of the Startup lifecycle: ideation.

SageTank accepts applicants at many stages of development: from an experienced team ready to scale, to a group of courageous friends dedicated to pursuing an idea. 

However, applicants applying with just an idea need the concept developed enough to complete the required application. Some of these questions include:

What is the problem you're addressing?

What is the idea/product?

How do you plan to monetize your business?

"To make our event the most accessible to students, we don't require an operating history to apply. That allows anyone to enter entrepreneurship–in its most basic form, all you need is a problem and engaging solution"

-Nanea Haynes, Past Co-President 


Teams that move past the applications will be interviewed between March 25 and April 5. In this 30 minute session, Pomona Ventures members will ask follow-up questions about the business model, team, and how SageTank will help their professional journey.


To help in the weeks leading up to the pitch, each team is invited to attend Makerspace with startup founders experienced in pitching to Venture Capital firms. 

MakerLab Schedule:

February 17: 1 - 5 pm @ the Hive

March 2:  1 - 5 pm @ the Hive

March 23: 1 - 5 pm @ the Hive

April 13: 1 - 5 pm @ the Hive

Post-Event Networking 

Immediately after the event, Pomona Ventures will circulate the collected contacts of participants, judges, mentors, and sponsors and encourage future collaboration.


In the months following SageTank, Pomona Ventures will send periodic updates informing our contacts of accomplishments from the organization, its membership, and the SageTank network.

Pomona Ventures will keep the entrepreneurial momentum progressing through future events and outreach. Follow us on social media to keep up with future Pomona Ventures opportunities. 

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