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Based on ABC's Shark Tank, SageTank is a startup pitch competition to win VC funding.
All you need is an idea.

Applications will open in the spring

Students of the 7 Claremont Colleges are invited to introduce their startups to advisors, founders, and venture capitalists. Whether you just have an idea or a fully functioning organization, SageTank welcomes all to compete for cash prizes and network with mentors.

Check out some highlights from SageTank 2023!



2023 Finalists

  • InsurelQ - An Al platform that simplifies long insurance documents for students so they can easily understand the terms of their insurance plans such as SHIP.

  • Axolotl Audio - Utilizes audio from low-cost microphones to easily analyze speed
    data from roads.

  • Breaksafe - A low-cost installable automatic braking system to bring the benefits of
    Al -enabled safety systems to older cars.

  • Athena Network - A mobile-based application that aims to supply all the resources
    for students about their courses to get the most out of their academic college career.

  • R3made - An Al-powered one-stop shop for made-to-order, sustainable 3D knitwear
    that allows designers to focus on what they do best- design.

  • FoodyFoodi - A TikTok-inspired app where users post short videos of their restaurant
    food experiences. Integrated with DoorDash API, it allows customers to conveniently order
    featured dishes directly from the app.

  • Neural Enginuity - A neurotechnology startup whose primary goal is to develop a
    non-surgical, non-obstructive, and accessible brain-computer interface (BCI).

  • Hungry - A social media platform that revolutionizes grabbing a meal with other
    students by connecting students for meals on campus.

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