PV team

Meet the people behind the scenes


Fabian Fernandez-Han - President

- Studying Politics

- Co-founded a VC backed company in high school

- Founded the first Design Thinking hackathon in Claremont and expanded it to 5+ cities


Hunter Kettering - VP of Educational Outreach

- Economics major at CMC

- Internationally published poet

- Founder of high school student centered art nonprofit                     


Leya Aronoff - Director of Educational Outreach

- Studying Psychology and Leadership Studies

- Co-Founded Claremont Women in Business

- Wrote and performed 2 TED talks

Marie-Nicole Jeffroy-Meynard - VP of Community Outreach

- Studying Art History and Politics

- Co-Founder of women empowerment organization Empower HerFuture


Shreyas Kadaba - Senior Advisor

- Redesigned the Pomona Ventures brand to increase its impact on campus

- Worked at professional organizations almost every year beginning the 9th grade

- Major fan of Squarespace after using it to build this website  

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Emmeline Kuo - Director of Marketing

- Studying Economics and Incoming Academic Intern for the Silicon Valley Program

- Intuit Idea Jam and 5C Hackathon Winner

- Pomona College Student Ambassador


Kim Tran - Director of Marketing

- Studying Public Policy Analysis with a concentration in Economics

- Established a 501(c)(3) non-profit in high school that was dedicated to serving young girls in the city of Chicago

- 2017 Doris Duke Conservation Scholar, responsible for researching sustainability methods and green technology systems


Quinntin Ruiz - Senior Advisor

- Created and led first 5-part workshop series for Pomona Ventures

- Been part of Pomona Ventures for 4 years and previous President

- Cofounded an on-demand delivery platform called Cartpool  


Naomi Baer - Executive Vice President

- Double Major in Neuroscience and Economics                                 

- Worked in the FinTech division of 500 Startups, the most active early-stage venture capital firm

- Co-authored a scientific paper on Wnt Signaling in Osteoarthritis  

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Madeline Guyette - Executive Director

- Majoring Organizational Studies 

- Co-founded female empowerment organization Empower HerFuture

- Passionate about advancing women in business


Siddhartha Aggarwal - VP of Educational Outreach

- Majoring in math and also studying Econ and Computer Science

- Worked in data science with MakeMyTrip.com, India's largest travel company

- Competitive debater, member of the Claremont Colleges Debate Union


Xavier Maciel - VP of Educational Outreach

- Dropped out of both engineering school and business school

- Started Sanctuary Campus national movement

- Has had work included in many national media outlets including NPR, The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal


Evan Bograd - VP of Community Outreach

- Studying Economics and Math

- Done contracted big data work for a Fortune 500 client

- Member of Pomona-Pitzer Varsity Soccer team

Alex Sahai - Director of Community Outreach

- Studying Economics and Computer Science

- Founded 2 startups in high school

- Traveled to 36 countries


Erica Barry - VP of Marketing

- Studying Economics and Media Studies

- Robert Day Scholar

- Might be a reporter one day!




Kent Pomeroy - Entrepreneurial Advisor

- CPA, MBA, and attorney (no biggie)

- Entrepreneurial advisor for over 20 years

- Created entrepreneurship workshop series for Apple