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Listen to untold stories of unlikely entrepreneurs


In this first episode, Kyle Hill (Pomona '09) interviews Kevin Yamazaki (Pomona '10) about his experience at Pomona College, and his journey to founding Sidebench - a digital innovation firm that designs and develops custom mobile and web apps. If you're uncertain about life and are still figuring things out, or if you just want your daily dose of inspiration, listen in to learn about Kevin's story of making it as an entrepreneur.

Kevin Yamazaki


In our second episode, Kyle Hill (Pomona '09) interviews Quinntin Ruiz (Pomona '16) for a product manager role at his company, Harvey Health. It's not easy to know what to expect in these interviews or how to respond to questions, and we completely understand. So, to all of you out there who are trying to find a job - this one's for you. Listen is to understand what a PM interview might look like, and to get some tips and motivation for your own interviews.

Quentin Ruiz


Ameka Anazia

In this episode, Emeka Anazia (Founder, Acing the Undergrad) discusses the influence of his family, and his childhood illness, on his journey to becoming and entrepreneur. There is no 'correct path' to starting your own business, and, as in this case, your unconventionality might very well be your greatest strength. Listen in to learn about Emeka's incredible story, and about what he and Kyle Hill (Pomona '09) believe to be some of the greatest virtues that help people succeed in the startup and corporate worlds.


In this episode, Josh Jones (Founder, DreamHost) speaks to his experiences with building internet ventures geared towards bitcoin. He explains the crash of the bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox, and discusses how he capitalized on the financial catastrophe. He also provides some insight into the risks associated with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Join Kyle Hill (Pomona '09) and Josh to learn more about a topic that we're all excited by.

Josh Jones


In this episode, Maya Horgan Famadou (Pomona'13) discusses entrepreneurship and venture capital in Africa, and talks about the influence her upbringing and her experiences at Pomona have had on her decision to make an impact in the African market. If you're intrigued by the innovation coming out of Africa, or just want to draw inspiration from another fascinating life story, join Kyle Hill (Pomona '09) and Maya in our latest episode.

Maya Horgan Famadou

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