Meet the faces behind your day to day undergrad students: we are a group of founders, designers, writers, Netflix bingers - you name it.  

Hello, PV Team here.  

Take Initiative. 

Imperative to our culture of learning, 'Startup Claremont' grounds our educational efforts to give students a platform where they can gain exposure and knowledge of entrepreneurship, venture capital, and the like. 

The PV Team currently spearheads five campus and community outreach initiatives (and counting). 


The talent pipeline for all 5C students who have a passion to break into venture capital. 5VC teaches students the fundamentals of venture capital and trains them to become analysts through conducting due diligence, observing demo days, and discussing various technological industries.


For a truly immersive learning experience, 5VC is building VC relationships nearby with Silicon Beach for field trips and out-source work. Join us to become our new cohort of venture analysts! 



Driven by creative vision, PV Studio regularly creates informational, entertaining multimedia content such as podcasts and video series, while also hosting events for the 5C community. The goal is to establish long-lasting relationships between community members and alumni, and to instill a value of entrepreneurship by utilizing multimedia platforms to share unique stories and advice from students and alumni.



5C Sparkathon aims to unify students and faculty to engage in solving real-world challenges through design thinking. Sparkathon’s leaders are committed to providing a deeply immersive, 5C-inclusive, and wildly entertaining event. Students of all backgrounds and levels of experience are encouraged to join our community of students focused on creating meaningful solutions to 21st Century challenges. 


Startup STrategy

Startup Strategy works for community startups and 'mom and pop shops' to innovate their businesses. The team combines design-thinking and liberal arts skills with a pre-professional consulting mindset to empower clients and transform their businesses.


PV Fellows is focused on kickstarting the entrepreneurial community at the 5Cs through skills-based training, collaborative learning experiences in the greater community, and student-facilitated capstone projects. Furthermore, the team hopes to engage with the entrepreneurial alumni of the 5Cs in order to develop long-term pathways for communal growth. The goal is to deliver the necessary resources for all student entrepreneurs to create, develop, and thrive.


PV's annual keystone event features student founders. This Shark Tank-inspired competition allows 5C student founders to pitch their startups to a panel of alumni judges and a live audience. The winner recieves $1000 to invest in their company, and all competitors get publicity, networking opportunities, and a jumpstart from our accelerator program.

"It was an incredible learning experience these past few weeks!! I can't believe I won and I'm SO happy I got to meet and work with such a brilliant, fun, intelligent, kind, hard working, and supportive group of people before I graduate!" -Francesca Innocentes, Sage Tank 2017 Winner


"So many initiatives and great programs exist to teach students the ropes to learn and apply their liberal arts skills to endeavors they care about."

Student Led Workshops 

003. Ideation and Exploring the Problem Space 

February 8, 2018

What is entrepreneurship? Is it only for people who are interested in business or consulting, or are does it reach a wider audience? Pomona Ventures debunks the myth that entrepreneurship is not for everyone and shows how the tools of entrepreneurship can be used in everyday life and any line of work.

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002. Understanding your Customer and Product Differentiation

January 8, 2018

Students always generate great ideas for a startup….but then what? This workshop teaches how to use consumer preferences to transform any startup idea into an innovative solution. Students learn about helpful tools for researching ideas, finding the right consumer wave, and making a product stand out in the noise. 

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001. Creating a Minimum Viable Product 

December 8, 2018

How does a researched idea turn into a tangible product? This workshop teaches how to use the minimum amount of time and resources and  to test a hypothesis. Students learn what is a MVP, why startups care about them, see historical examples of good and bad MVPs, and spend time working on their own startup idea. 

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